“Smile,”they demanded, letting the heat ravage the wet, heavy earth, letting the air scratch away at it as it pleased.   “Blossom for us,” they hissed, cutting the bud before it could bloom, pulling at the ripening fruit.   So it shed itself like snakeskin, uncoiled into a scorched sand rock land and savage flowers erupted in red spouts […]

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  You who taught me the power of questions and how to release with them in every word, fire breath and all, pull me back at the tip of my tongue and tell me to swallow my words.   That if I don’t they’ll be the last thing in my mouth before I starve.   But […]

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Your fingers were once strong enough to slap and caress, to grip and let go, to stroke, to write and to shape. When did you let the bangles on your arm contain you to a clenched palm and an iron fist. You should have crushed them under the sole of your foot; if you could […]

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Pray for Pakistan

Do you measure the value of a life by its weight? What makes one life more or less dispensable than another? Did their nationality render them lighter, less human so that the scale dipped under the weight of your social supremacy for another passport, another person. Did you think your negligence changed their capacity to hurt, to […]

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They sought to trap a seagull in their gilded crumbling cage, deny it a taste of the sea, rob it of its instinct for the sky. Tried to curb its restlessness, pry from it the urge to do. Oh they muzzled its fiery breath.But how could they order the waves to still? The wind to ground? […]

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That day they took me from you they bound my feet so I couldn’t come back.   Over time I tried to write but they tied my hands, and stole my letters.   I screamed and begged till I was hoarse, raw and finally empty, yet they gagged me.   I tried to retain my dignity, my […]

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This poem is inspired by ancient indian texts but mainly in the style Tamil Sangam poetry, particularly The Study of Stolen Love and Appayadikshita. I have added my own stylistic features too, though.   Here in the fresh springs of the slopes of Mount of the good Čeran king who’s enemies fell to their knees […]

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Your tongue holds two immiscible languages, both rich and fierce- one the language of your enemy’s friend- the other your own. Sometimes hiding the second under the fold of your tongue but you can’t ever escape it. It is in the complexion of your skin and the lonely tilt in your eye, the earthquake in […]

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The moon is as constant as the seasons, yet only as young as the month. Forever changing as we are, Why does she dissolve herself, to swell again to fullness?     I wax and wan, only to match your fury.    

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I have tasted the nectar on your lips as it turned to honey on mine, through your books, their words granted me immortality.   My head is now a honeycomb and my mind is buzzing- Listen, they call her Queen.  

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